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Experience vs. Perception

January 21st, 2018

Experience vs. Perception

Experience happens within you, and you are utterly in charge of your perception of that experience. Have you ever noticed that you can be in the same room as your partner or friend, and find later that their interpretation of an event seems completely different from yours? You may even begin to question if you heard something correctly, or perhaps you didn't see what you thought you saw.

We are perceivers of events, interpreting data with our senses, and determining quite by choice, how we view our experiences. Our entire body is designed for perception, and not just smell, taste, touch, sight, and hearing. We are sensing frequency and vibration as well. Then interpreting all this sensory input through personal filters, we call beliefs and emotions.

Your body is highly sensitive to this input and everything you perceive is relative. Relative to where you were standing, or sitting, or your placement in relation to any given event. Relative to your sensory abilities, perhaps your eyesight or hearing is greater or lesser than average. And Relative to your attention during any given situation. Perhaps you were reading a book and only caught a portion of the event, or you were thinking about something else and not fully present in the moment.

You may already realize that your senses have an impact on your perception. What you might not realize is that, what you were feeling emotionally at any given time, also impacts your perceptions.

If you are feeling worried, you are perceiving everything through the filter of what you are worried about. Therefore, you may not see, hear, or otherwise sense the truth of any situation. You will see only what compliments your worry. This filter of perception has become the determining factor for whatever you think you are experiencing.

If you are feeling angry, the same is true. In other words, when feeling angry you may only allow yourself to see and hear the parts of any situation that will add to your anger. You will miss anything that does not match your anger. In fact, you quite literally may not even see the person you are looking for if you are angry you can’t find them, and they are happily walking right by you not realizing you are looking for them.

If I spend a great deal of time complaining, then I have an emotional set point or vibrational output that causes me to experience things that are worth complaining about. In fact, I could get so good at complaining that I could find a reason to complain about the most mundane of things. I would have trained myself to perceive life through the filter of complaint, and therefore all my senses are trained or conditioned to repeat the experience of complaint, anger, or worry.

Lastly, there are those persistent beliefs that we carry with us, some since early childhood. An example might be, “you must work hard to earn a living,” and “life is a struggle.” These beliefs may be so ingrained in who you have become that when offered an easy job making really nice money, you may think it’s too good to be true, so you let the offer slip away because it does not match your belief about working hard.

With all these seemingly, stacked against you odds, how do you change your perceptions and thus have a better experience of life? The first place to start would be to realize that you can.

Understanding that your perception is undoubtedly different from everyone else’s helps you step off the “I’m right, your wrong” platform. It makes you aware that perhaps there is more to every story than your perception alone, and opens the door for you to hear or see something from a different vantage point.

This alone will change your experience, starting right now. If you can do this one thing, you are on your way to an entirely new experience of life.

Everything that you experience in this life is happening inside of you. You are the perceiver of experience. The experience of guilt, or shame, or exhilaration and joy, are yours alone. No one can experience what you are experiencing, even if they are sitting right next to you in the same movie theater watching the same movie. You cannot see through their eyes, nor they through yours. They can not feel what you are feeling because your emotions are based on your sensory perception and filtered through your personal beliefs.

You always have a choice as to how you prefer to feel about anything and everything. So ask yourself, does it make me feel good to think this way about this subject or might I feel better to think differently about it. Even the slightest improvement in your direction of thought about a thing changes your experience of everything.

You are choosing, at every moment, how you would like to experience the world!

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My Perspective on Spirit Guides and Angels

January 21st, 2018

My Perspective on Spirit Guides and Angels

My Perspective – Spirit Guides, Angels, The Non-Physical

My first perspective about guides and angels is very simple. If you believe there are guides then you will perhaps hear guides, see guides or sense guides. If you do not believe in guides then you will not hear, see, or sense them. If you believe in angels then you will perhaps experience or sense angles.

To get a better sense of what I mean, lets first think about the term God. What is God? My perspective is that God is a word that is used to describe what it called in the scientific community “The Quantum Field” or “Field of Intelligence”. Sometimes referred to as the “Source” or “Energy” in the spiritual community.

This Source is the Quantum Field of Intelligence, it is pure energy. It is what lies within the seed, and that which becomes expressed through the tree. It is what guides the butterfly through its migration, and calls the bear into hibernation. This energetic field will express itself to you as a guide, or an angel if that is the way you are most open to receiving it. It could also be expressed to you in countless other ways, and in fact, is being expressed in countless ways. Always attempting to get you to pay attention to it, and always communicating with you in whatever fashion you are currently capable of receiving.

With that in mind, if you like the term guide, use it. If you prefer the term angel, then use that. If you prefer getting in touch with your “Higher Self”, that is great too. After all, most folks don’t like to hear you say, that you are having a conversation with God. They prefer you speak to Jesus, or maybe infinite intelligence.

It is my perspective that these terms are in fact all the same thing. Aspects of the all that is. I am that, I am.

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It's Party Season

November 18th, 2017


Schedule your holiday party now! I am available for a variety of activities for your holiday parties.
Psychic Readings - Paint & Sip - Energy Portraits - Metaphysics Classes - The choice is yours!

I look forward this holiday season to serving your holiday party entertainment needs.
I am currently booking parties dates for you and your group of friends, colleagues, or family members for November, December and January parties. Parties can be small and intimate gatherings of four or large groups of 12 or more for paint parties. Click the contact button to discuss your options and plan a date! Be sure to leave a contact phone number where you can be reached and I'll be sure to give you call.

Until then - Happiest of Holidays!

30n30 Challenge

January 31st, 2017

30n30 Challenge

The 30paintings in 30days Challenge was indeed a challenge! This Challenge was to create 30 paintings in 30 days from start to finish. One completed painting each day and posted to the challenge website.

I knew I would not be able to work on very large canvases as they would never get done in a day. Most of these paintings are 12 x 12 and all are 16 x 20 or smaller. This worked out well although I would say that even with the smaller size there were days that I spent mostly painting.

Some of these paintings were a success and some were major fails. That, however, is the case whenever you are painting no matter how much time you are given to complete it. The difference is being brave enough to post the failures right along with the wins. Therefore, overcoming any self-esteem issues you might have would be part of this challenge!

What I would say about this challenge is, that it was wonderful practice and motivation to create a new pattern of daily painting. Some days it was not what I would consider a challenge at all, and other days it meant getting up early or staying up late which indeed was challenging.

I would recommend this Challenge to all my colleagues as a matter of discipline. The daily practice brings you to your best practice, hones your painting style and creates a connection with your artist self that is critical for success.

I appreciate that I have the time in my life to dedicate to this practice of daily painting. The following is how I will continue from this point forward. Everyone needs a day off from work from time to time, so I will continue to paint every day without feeling any guilt about taking a day away from painting.

Although I will paint every day, this will not mean that I will make any effort to complete a painting every day. Many times, I paint in layers, which require some dry time between them. I may paint a layer a day rather than a painting a day. The idea here is to put paint on a canvas every day, not get stressed out about the process during any part of it.
Without the stress of completing a painting each day, there are guaranteed to be more successes than failures, and the opportunity to turn a failure into a win. When you have the time to do what I tell my students to do Step Away From The Canvas! You allow your mind space and time to see what is going on in a new way and make the needed corrections along the way.

Sometimes I may take a whole afternoon studying and analyzing a painting prior to sticking more paint on the canvas just to ensure that when I do actually paint, its the right color, the right placement, and the right brush for the job.

Quick everyday paintings are great painting practice and I highly recommend it, however, your best work may require a little added time and contemplation.

Whats On The Drawing Board

January 31st, 2017

Whats On The Drawing Board

I recently starting posting to my artist page on Facebook images of work in progress, in my studio. These posts are titled "What's On The Drawing Board?" and look like this image that I am currently working on. It's an opportunity for others to get a glimpse of the process, ask questions and follow along as the work unfolds.

There was no real idea for this piece when I began. I wrote the words that came to me in a spiral and then just started drawing. I'm not sure where this one is going yet, but I don't really care right now either.

I was just wanting to play in the paint, relax and have fun. I had a friend over that was also painting, so I let myself just play, focusing mainly on the conversation. So this is what happens when you just let go of the outcome and doodle with paint totally in the moment.

My friend has since left the studio and it has been a whole day since I have worked on this piece, but I see potential in it and will continue to play with it on another occasion.

If you would like to see more of this type of posting, like my page on Facebook -

Personal Energy Portrait

January 25th, 2017

Personal Energy Portrait

For the last few years, I have combined my ability to paint with my ability to do psychometry/psychic readings. I call these "Personal Energy Portraits" which are in essence a reading on canvas.

I started attending psychic fairs as a reader and decided I would take a few paintings to use as a backdrop. A young man stopped by my space and asked if I could do a sketch of his energy. I told him I had absolutely no idea, I had never tried it before. I offered to let him sit down and let me give it a try and he agreed.

All I had was a pencil and some notebook paper when this young man sat with me. I sketched and became aware this would turn my life in a new direction. It was an amazing experiment.

The following week I put a post on my Facebook page asking for guinea pigs willing to come to my studio. I told them that if they would volunteer their time I would send them home with a piece of art. I had approx. six individuals take me up on my offer. Each piece became further confirmation that I was on the right path and a few weeks later I took my "Personal Energy Portraits" out to the general public.

Since that time I have gone from notebook paper and carbon pencil to colored card stock and colored pencils, and now I am working in acrylics on stretched canvas. The paintings are all as unique and interesting as each of the people that sit with me. The readings are generally a signature of where an individual is emotionally, spiritually, mentally and occasionally physically. They will point to things in the past as well as what the future might hold. They will show where a person is on their journey toward awakening or enlightenment and point them in the direction of their next step.

I continue to do a 6" x 6" colored card stock portrait for those with a tighter budget and expanded the original 12" x 12" canvas portraits to include a larger 20" x 20" canvas for those who really dig the art.

They are fun, entertaining and enlightening pieces of original art that can aid in remembering the reading, can be used as a focus for meditation, and I've been told, new ah-ha moments come sometimes weeks later by viewing the artwork. I am available at expos in MI, IN, IL and IA. Perhaps visiting an Expo near you soon. I do in home parties for those near me or willing to chip in for travel expenses and I visit shops willing to host and schedule appointments in advance.

If you are interested in seeing more, please visit my Facebook artist page for samples and give me a call if you are out of the area and would like to be my first skype session!

Valentines or Earth Day

February 3rd, 2013

Valentines or Earth Day

It is almost Valentines day and yet I sit here thinking about the upcoming spring event called Earth Day. For those who don't know about Earth Day, it was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson, and was first organized in 1970 to promote ecology and respect for life on the planet as well as to encourage awareness of the growing problems of air, water and soil pollution. It is usually celebrated on April 22 with outdoor activities and performances, or observed by individuals or groups who perform acts of service to earth. Typical ways of observing Earth Day include planting trees, picking up roadside trash, conducting various programs for recycling and conservation.

It's an important day for me as I make it my mission to be the neighborhood steward for trash retrieval. I can't stand to see trash along the roadside and I leave a good portion of my property wild which collects all my neighbors wild in the wind trash. So my self appointed stewardship makes me feel like I am helping out my neighbors, as well as my neighborhoods environment. Earth Day is always a great day to clean up winters outdoor collection of trash. The trash is easy to spot and get to, before the growth becomes to tall and entangled.

I advocate recycling and will stop at any given moment to trash pick items to save them from the landfills. I try to make the most out of my finds, creating functional art out of anything that could not be simply passed on to someone that could use it the way it was found. I have created dozens of beautiful works of art out of my findings that someone is now enjoying. It makes me feel like I am doing my part to save the planet by finding these things a new home and keeping whatever I can from making an untimely trip to the ever growing number of landfills.

Some of you are aware that I have opened a store in Durand MI with my sister Linda called ReTHINKin It. We make it our business, literally, to re-purpose and recycle your old toss away stuff. Stuff I'm sure you would call junk or trash, in an effort to honor Earth Day everyday of the year. In fact, we opened our business on Earth Day weekend last year and so will be celebrating our anniversary each year with an Earth Day event.

So as I sit here amongst the hearts and flowers of Valentines Day I am considering in what way I will be honoring Mother Earth this year as we mark our first anniversary. I would like to call attention to this special day so that you might stop into ReTHINKin It this April 18th-21st to check out what awesome ideas we came up with to celebrate this Earth Day/First Anniversary and to maybe motivate you to think how you might honor your corner of the Earth on April 22nd with your own brilliant ideas!

I would be totally open to hearing your suggestions and ideas - find me, or ReTHINKin It, on Facebook at the following locations:

Thanks for listening!

A New Year - A New Season

January 9th, 2013

A New Year - A New Season

I'm a tree hugging save the world live in peace kinda people, and I believe we are all one. One with the trees we hug (literally), the world we work towards saving, and the peace we spread. I believe that what we have called God, lives within the trees, the grass, the earth, you, me and all that exists, even that guy with the belief system and thought process I don't understand.

We are all a part of the whole that is LIFE - LOVE - GOD. Three words that I believe are interchangeable. God is Love, Love is Life, Life is God, all of life's parts making up the whole that IS God.

I also believe that we must be working together to sustain ourselves by respecting the God we see in our trees, our grass, the earth and each other. We need to be working together to create the world we wish to see, much like Gandhi spoke of when he said "be the change" - starting today, doing what each of us can to create heaven on earth, a peaceful coexistence with all the parts that are God.

Perception is truth, I perceive all of existence as a unified whole that must work toward sustaining all of life or all of God. We must begin to preserve our resources, clean our environment, cut out waste and create together a world of joyous coexistence with all of LIFE-LOVE-GOD.

This is the point behind all that we do at ReTHINKin It in Durand MI. We hope to inspire others to reuse, recycle, help others in some way and think local. You can not save the whole world but you can be a caretaker for the part of it that you call home. I say lets start today, right now, every one of us, working towards a vision of a better world... co-creating Heaven on Earth, tell me, what is your vision, what are you doing to create a better world today? Who are you inspiring? What are you shinning your light on?

Let this New Year be the Season of Change, the season on possibilities. Be the change, be all that you can be.

100 Dollar Painting Sale

September 14th, 2012

100 Dollar Painting Sale

It's that time of year again when I offer to my friends and relatives a selection of paintings for only $100 each. There is a bit of a twist on it all this year however, with the new store being opened I will be hosting a private viewing for them on Oct. 4th and then offering the remaining work to the clients visiting the shop for the remainder of the month of October.

It's an interesting thing for me to put this together every year. I pick through paintings, looking for a variety of work to offer and hope that I have chosen the right combination of realism and abstract pieces. This year I am also including the work of two of my artist friends. Patt Bennett who is a watercolorist and Mary Schiros who is a mixed media artist. There may be one more including her work, waiting to hear back from her as I write. They all have some lovely work as well, and this way it mixes things up for my family & friends, not to mention expands the client base for the event.

I have done some advertising, sent out emails, posted events in Facebook and twitted all about it. Now I need to work on some flyers and tickets and such. All this takes a considerable amount of time and effort but I feel it is a worthwhile project and I love how it has gotten a little bigger and more involved each year.

As a side note, it would be a much easier event to undertake if there weren't so much life happening in and around all this. I still have to run the shop, take care of a home, yard and garden. Run the normal errands, pay the normal bills, teach those extra classes, and what I would really like is a moment to just sit and read a book in the sunshine, but summer is fading and the chances of that happening are getting mighty slim.

This has got to be one of the fastest years of my life, speeding by like a silver bullet. Fading into the history of my life. Leaving my head spinning and my feet moving during every waking hour. It certainly won't be a year that I will forget, but the days are all running together and Oct. is just about two weeks away so I need to get going on those flyers and tickets before someone shows up wanting one!